Lila Stephenson’s Bio

“My education and training alone is not what certifies me to help you.”

 “Nothing has prepared me more to help you to gain a wholesome intimate connection with the ones you treasure the most than my journey to gaining wholesome intimacy in the most treasured relationships in my life. While my journey was mixed with pain and joy, shame and freedom, agony and triumph, it also fueled my God-given purpose of joining forces with those who dare to take the journey to learn how to purely and authentically connect with the ones they value most”. – Dr. Lila


I am a licensed minister, licensed professional counselor, Certified Sex Therapist (CST), and certified as a Covenant Lovers instructor.  I hold a Ph.D. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy which was awarded at Amridge University. While at Amridge, my dissertation research work involved conducting a quantitative investigation of examining sexual satisfaction in married Christian women with a history of childhood sexual abuse.  I received specialized sex therapy training was at the Institute of Sexual Wholeness, Inc. /Richmont Graduate School in Atlanta, GA and CASE (Christian Association of Sexual Educators).   My Master of Arts Degree in Counseling was received from Dallas Baptist University, and Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work was earned from Southern University A& M College.


I partner with individuals and married couples who desire healing and restoration from the impact of trauma, childhood sexual abuse, sexual issues, sexual wounds, and infidelity.  My clients navigate through the process of change by utilizing their pain as a catalyst for discovering purpose, power, and healing. In addition to counseling, I use ministry, groups, seminars, workshops and stage productions to encourage individuals to prosper in their relationships.


I have served as a co-founder of several marriages and family ministries, worked as a marriage coach, counselor, teacher, and mentor.  Currently, my husband and I instruct a Free to Embrace, Experience and Enjoy Wholesome Sexual Intimacy class for married couples at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church-Dr. Tony Evans, Dallas, TX. In hopes of helping individuals and marriages to heal from the impact of sexual wounds, we released the CD “Sex: God’s Gift- Affirmations for the Manifestation of Sexual Wholeness.”

My husband and I have been married for 29 years.  We are blessed with four children.


“I highly recommend Mrs. Lila Stephenson as a Christian based sex therapist. She has the compassion, gentleness, credentials, and means of making a vast impact in the lives of couples. We (Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship) have benefited as a Counseling Center by having her services rendered to the church and community.”

-Dr. Guy Earle, DMin, LPC-S, LCDC

Director of Counseling, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

“Lila is anointed, prepared, trustworthy and reliable to counsel and provide consultation to assist in restoring marriages and families. She is commissioned to perform this work not only by her credentials as a licensed professional counselor, but as a servant of God.”

–Reverend Micheal Benton, Pastor

Fairfield Baptist Church, Redan, GA

“….The thing she [Lila] most impresses upon my heart is her level of temperance no matter what the situation. She is the calm in a storm. She is a broad thinker who has the ability to look at the bigger picture.”

–Cherice White

Faith & Works, Inc. -Founder